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Solidarity with Cuba

Freedom for the Cuban Five
René González Sehwerert.
March 28th 2011.

Friends and loved ones of Leonard Weinglass:

The contingency of a  “lock down” – part of this  via crucis to which he dedicated his being in body and soul till the end – prevented me from learning in due time of the irreplaceable loss of our indispensible Lenny..

In a society where selfishness is a virtue, Leonard Weinglass bred the extraordinary merit of consecrating his life to giving much of himself expecting little in exchange, and guided solely by a privileged vocation towards justice he dedicated his life to cultivating the truth as the only means by which to achieve it within the barren terrain that was his battle field: the decadent North American judicial system. He did so with passion, wholeheartedly, altruistically, with intelligence, honesty and exemplary braveness.
For the Five, we who have had the privilege of being the focal point of his final efforts, being in contact with this man as large as he was humble was as simple a opening the door to an older brother, that by the right of nature has become one of us.

One day it will be as natural for any North American to knock on Cuba’s door. When this occurs the bravery of those who did so before when courage, altruism, higher principles, intellectual clarity and humanistic vision will be remembered.
At the pinnacle, our brother, Leonard Weinglass will be among them.


Free the Five

Fernando González Llort

March 29th, 2011

A great friend of the Cuban Five and one of their best defenders has left us. He contributed with his intelligence, his wisdom and his sensibility, his energies and professionalism to the cause of our freedom.

He combined his broad experience as jurist with his political comprehension of the context of our case. His long experience with persons accused for political reasons was a significant contribution to the work of the legal team that defends us.

We will remember him with gratitude and will fight until victory, which will be also the best homage that we can pay to Leonard I. Weinglass.


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