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Fidel and Simon Bolivar, two icons of the Americas... whether you like it or not!


Margarita Alarcón Perea

A few weeks ago the Cuba news buzz was around a Cuban singer-songwriter possibly not all that well known among Huffington Post readers but definitely very well known in both Miami and Cuba. Together with this piece of news over Pablo Milanés and his concert on August 28th in Miami were tinges of possible “popular” uprisings on the island. Luckily the two have no chance on earth of being one cause and effect of the other. Mr Milanés is a very good singer and was once in my opinion a brilliant composer whose lyrics have been steadily going down hill with each new marriage. That is another topic/story/issue that is really of no importance.


So, what is the buzz over Cuba now about? Believe it or not: Fidel Castro’s health! Can you believe it? Crazy, huh? Wow! I know, totally unheard of and unexpected. But there it is, yesterday at around 2:30 pm somebody began using Twitter as the M16 of choice for this war of misinformation. And the tweet of choice was to re tweet a news item found in El Universal, newspaper from Venezuela. Specifically the information or misinformation as it were was that Fidel Castro was “in a coma” and in “a deteriorating state of health.” I was over at the offices of friends in the press world when the head of office came in with the news; she was a total non believer but did instruct her second in command to stay alert because most times the buzz is actually the news per se.


She was right.


Fidel Castro is not dead, he is not in a coma, and he doesn’t even have the sniffles. The thing is, he is NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT of Cuba, and he is a private citizen who happens to be blogging when he feels like it. He is also actively writing books and I would suspect spending time with his family and close friends. The interesting thing to me though is that when he was around constantly everyone was obsessed with his omnipresence. Now that he’s not, everyone is obsessed with his absence! Its like:  “People! Get your act together! You want him or not?!?!”


Seriously though, this was a headline in the San Francisco Chronicle today: Cuba Fund Jumps Most in 3 Weeks After Report on Castro. The possibility and frankly inevitability of Fidel Castro’s passing actually prompted a $25 million dollar fund to jump 4.3%. How obsessive is that? And how much does it once again back and quasi prove my theory that all things related to Cuba and the US is like an old home Italian vendetta. Things simply wont let down till the man is gone, but not from power mind you, GONE and even so…I have my doubts!


The Tweeple out there instead of wasting time with uncorroborated news items, and misinformation about the private life of ex dignitaries, would put their internet access to much better use with say getting the word out on news items such as a brilliant article posted on Huffington yesterday on military spending.


PS: I can state for a fact that Fidel Castro is alive and well because my son who does not lie saw and spoke to him a few days ago. There are no photographs and there were only four witnesses of which I , unfortunately was not one, so you’ll have to take the word of a proud and slightly bemused seven year old for it.

  1. Great photo of the Great Man Magg plus an excellent article. Good to see the MM still hard at work with their lies and subversion..

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