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Hit me baby one more time

In Arts, Cuba, Cuba/US, Culture, Economics, General, History, Miami/Cuba, Politics, US on September 23, 2011 at 5:53 pm

By Margarita Alarcón Perea

Remember the song? Well maybe not a classic in the orthodox school of rock or even Neil Diamond 70´s pop but for its day the song was catchy, that much I have to admit. But no, I’m not a new found Brittney Spears fan for anyone wondering or worried for that matter. I just thought the title fit the purpose.

Rather than get into another grueling (for the readers) diatribe on how doing the same thing over and over again a la Einstein’s theory on insanity, I thought to make light of the occasion this time around, before the fact.

This next Octubre 25th the United Nations General Assembly per its current calendar will be holding a vote, yet another vote actually, on the same topic: To Put an End to the Economic Embargo against Cuba. And I am predicting that once again, the outcome of said vote will be 180 something to three or maybe even four with a possible abstention or two. The delegate from the United States and Israel will most definitely vote against the motion and one or two other “nations” will vote with them. This will be a continuum – in keeping with Professor Einstein. – of what we have been seeing for the past 26 years.  Every year since 1993, the vote is put forth, delegates speak, Cuba expresses the dire need it has for this embargo to cease, other nations speak up too,  specifically against the inhumanity of the economic punishment against this tiny islands sovereignty, others will speak out against the violation against their nations sovereignty due to the extraterritorial violation of this embargo, and others will send in a member of their delegation to hold up their hand and vote in favor of putting an end once and for all to this ludicrous international illegality.

I was thinking, maybe we should change the angle; you do that in politics all the time. Let’s re-name the vote and baptize it:”Putting an End to the Economic, Cultural and Political embargo and violation of sovereignty against the People of the United States”. How’s that for a new vote? I predict this one will garner almost the same amount of votes but the angle will possibly bring about much needed national awareness within voters and taxpayers inside the US.  You see now, the way I and many US citizens see it, it is not only Cuba that is a victim here, it is also a vast majority of people in the US, the very nation who´s government is being hijacked into sustaining a policy which simply has proven to be useless.

The embargo is a two Way Street that is affecting the people from both nations and those that insist on keeping it in place are actually the only ones benefiting from it, both economically and politically. Neither the governments of Cuba or the United States concretely have anything to gain from this obtuse policy. It is purely a matter of a particular political interest group within a specific sphere of internal US politics that uses and misuses the Cuba issue to its benefit. Speaking frankly: Ultra Right Wing Cuban American lobby groups and politicos lie to the US government, exaggerate, misconstrued information and manipulate facts and in the end convince the main players in the administration (which ever that might be) that the embargo must continue in spite of the ridiculous out come of the vote at the UN on a yearly basis for almost 30 years now.

Artists, scholars, technicians, professionals in all fields in the US; workers, businessmen, entrepreneurs you name it, have a bundle to benefit from with the opening of full normalized bilateral relations between both countries. It’s not just Cuba who is losing here, though honestly speaking the island is the one that is underdeveloped and the one that has more at risk, but in the end it’s the peoples of both sides that are victimized, and I am not just referring to travel restrictions though that is a major biggie on the table.

The government of one of the most powerful nations in the western hemisphere is allowing itself to be blind-sided by a policy that does it no good. Why this “hit me baby one more time” masochism on a yearly basis?



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