Maggie Alarcón

Full Moon

In Asamblea Nacional/National Assembly, Cuba, Cuba/US, Cuban 5, General, History, Miami/Cuba, Politics, US on October 7, 2011 at 7:15 pm

René Gonzázlez with his two daughters months shy of his excarceration.

Margarita Alarcón Perea

I’m looking for a full moon to scratch the sea. Not your normal moon, but one that knows all the tales, all the trials and the tribulations, all the happiness and the love, one that has no secrets. A moon over a sea of love and passion, a sea with no borders or waves, pure calm and peace a midst troubled waters. It’s been so long.

The Muses escape me tonight and I tell stories of love.

They met years ago. They found the same love. They made plans and had dreams. But he was a romantic he believed in a better world and she followed, she would follow forever, against the tides the hail, and the high waters.

It’s been 13 long years of solitude a midst rambunctious waters each one on opposite sides of the shores, each one waiting. The time has now come, early in the morning, before the dawn he will breathe the sea air she breaths, the same sky at night will cover them this evening when they rest on either sides of the shores.

Their passion will not whither, their cause continues as one; … how much have we changed? I still breath your scent… but when?

They have been punished for believing in the same cause and believing in each other. They have lived for over 30 years, 30 centuries…30 thousand moons without you…, and life goes on, together, with you, hand in hand, by your side, wondering: how are you now?…our daughters love you in my name.

They are both guilty, guilty of love for each other, a love that knows no bounds and is seeded in love for the sake of love. Self sacrifice is not a phrase for them it is a way of life.

They will one day be together again, but when?

René González was freed this morning from a federal penitentiary in Marianna, South Florida, he served out 13 years of an unjust 15 year prison sentence for not registering as a foreign agent. His wife Olga Salanueva is barred from re-entering the United States by the U.S government. They will both remain separated for another three years during which time he is condemned to yet another prison within the “freedom” inside the US, unable to return home to his family in Cuba. Where is the justice in that?

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