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Win, lose…but no draw

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By Margarita Alarcón Perea

When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. It wasn’t 184 once again and none of the teeny tiny barely visible from space – or a hot air balloon for that matter – nations out there were part of the “No” vote. The final vote by U.N. member states was 186 in favor of ending the US sanctions against Cuba, with two countries — the United States and Israel — in favor of keeping them. The Marshall Islands, Palau and Micronesia abstained.

The abstentions by the way are a direct consequence of these nations being de facto neo colonies; i.e.: economic and military US protectorates.

I had said a while back that I wouldn’t write about this issue again this year; it gets boring to repeat oneself –if you don’t believe me just ask the 192 UN member states experts on repetition – but talking to someone today who’s insight and intelligence I value I got to thinking it was a topic that should not be taken lightly and actually needed some serious albeit short scribbling.

The vote in favor of lifting the embargo against Cuba is not just a repetition of something over and over again; it is also a vote for human rights. Cuba under the embargo is a victim of unashamed human rights violations. It has been such since 1959.

Here is s simple example. The other day a young boy of less than 10 years of age underwent open heart surgery in Cuba, the idea was to see if there was an option to replace one of his heart valves. I am not a cardio thoraxes surgeon so readers bear with me as I get to my point which I am sure will be yours also. The size valve he needed replaced was a 4, the hospital and the country only had a size 10. The surgeons closed him up and told the parents of this little boy “we will have to wait to see how we can get a hold of a smaller size for him.” Because of the embargo, Cuba can’t acquire certain medical supplies such as heart replacement artifacts made in the US. The young boy was closed back up again because there was no way to adapt the existing equipment to his body, as most of you know, turning a size 10 into a size 4 is like going through Hell and High Waters.

Sounds like a joke right? Well, its not, its one more story to tell around the tale “full of sound and fury signifying nothing” that has been the embargo for over five decades.

The president of the United States has an opportunity to throw the dice on the make believe Vegas table that is the Caribbean. His country has been losing at this game of “Embargo” and a draw is simply not a reality.

Roll the dice Mr President: 11 million and counting are waiting for a win.

  1. Not to worry about repetition, Maggie. Children, and many adults learn best by it and progress most often depends on it!

    Thanks for your thoughtful post.

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