Maggie Alarcón

Great Houses of Havana

In Architecture, Arts, CENESEX, Cuba, Cuba/US, Cuban Americans, Culture, Design, History, LGBT, Miami/Cuba, US on October 31, 2011 at 1:35 pm

A little bit of ancient Greece in Vedado. Photo credit Adrián Fernández

One of my favorite all time magazines, Architectural Digest, has had the good fortune to interview one of my favorite architects of all time, Hermes Mallea, a Cuban man of the arts and times who heads together with partner Carey Maloney the architecture and design firm MGroup based in New York City. Mallea has recently published a book entitled “Great Houses of Havana”. Over 100 photographs of some of the most beautiful places in the City of Havana, where on occasion time has stood still and in others it has flowed like a river gathering all that it finds in its path.

Click here (Architectural Digest) for more on the book and enjoy the marvelous photographs of Cuban photographer Adrian Fernandez, who is proving to have an extraordinarily sensitive eye for the immobile.

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