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A Carol for the Holiday Season

In Alan Gross, Cuba, Cuba/US, Cuban 5, Human Rights/Derechos Humanos, Social Justice, US on December 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm

Margarita Alarcón Perea

A few weeks ago I was baffled when I heard the news. A Rabbi had been down to Cuba had met with Alan Gross and had posted on his blog site recounting the meeting .

Reb David Shneyer visited Cuba a few weels ago and met for over an hour with US Contractor Alan Gross. He describes the encounter in great detail and leaves the reader with a sense of solidarity with the convict, after all in Rabbi David’s own words: “I am a Rabbi for human rights,” and Alan Gross’s rights have been violated. Not by the Cuban government as most might have the reader believe, but by the government of the United States. Mr. Gross had been falsely led to believe by USAID that he was coming down on a humanitarian mission to help provide modern technology to the Jewish community in Cuba.

This was not so.

He was sent down with technical equipment, yes, but not for the Jewish community who by the way has more than enough by ways of hundreds of donations that come down daily from plenty of Jews visiting the island. What Alan was sent down with and the people to whom he was supposed to hand these things over to were not part of any kind of humanitarian effort, the act that he is guilty of committing is one that was directed towards undermining the Cuban government. Alan was lied to and used by USAID, he is a victim and he is now paying a price.

But don’t take it from me, read it in his own words on Reb Davids blog : ” … he was working for a company under a USAID contract, under a program designed to help undermine the Cuban government.” The key word here being, “undermine”. Alan Gross is paying for the US governments agencies keen intent on using covert operations to overthrow, destroy, debilitate, create havoc in you name it, on this island and has been doing so since shortly after 1959. 

 This week another religious leader was down in Cuba. Rev. Michael Kinnamon, the general secretary of the National Council of Churches lead a 15-person delegation to the island and visited with Alan Gross also. Rev Kinnamon found Alan to be in good spirits although he has concerns for Gross’s health. Rev Kinnamon also visited with the wives of five Cuban men imprisoned in the US. These men were not charged with trying to undermine the US government. They were charged and the charges were never proven in court, of spying, but not against the US government, they were spying against those same groups that have been trying to undermine the Cuban government since 1959 and have taken that one step further and have assaulted, bombed, killed and tortured throughout all of these years. In the end, Alan Gross and the Cuban Five share one very important thing in common: all are victims of the insistence the US government and its cronies have on toppling the Cuban Revolution.

Heck! In keeping with the Holiday Season and the lighting of the tree over at 30 Rock,  we should all say a prayer and sing a carol for the  SIX  prisoners who are victims of 50 years of insanity.

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