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Mariela Castro: “Cuba’s Sex Education Policy Respects Human Rights”

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By Myrsini Tsakiri

“Cuban sexual education policy is based on emancipating paradigms that hail human values of solidarity, equality and equity,” director of the National Center for Sexual Education, Mariela Castro Espin, stated in Havana on Monday.

In her lecture about sexual education in the processes of social transformation at an international Congress underway in the Cuban capital, Castro Espin said sexuality nowadays is characterized by its comprehensive approach focused on gender and diversity, and the respect of the full dignity of every human being.

Castro Espin, who chaired the Congress’ organizing committee, pointed out that since the beginning of the socialist transition in Cuba, sexual education has been considered a State politics, as expressed through the implementation of the National Sexual Education Program launched in 1962 with the purpose of developing a responsible and happy sexuality.

Meanwhile, CENESEX has facilitated the articulation of social networks for the training of sexual right activists, she noted.

The 6th Congress on Sexual Education, Orientation, Therapy, running until Thursday, is attended by 300 delegates from 18 nations. The event is expected to foster interdisciplinary debate about the concept of human sexuality, seen as a complex process for the transformation of social spaces.

The topics of discussion include the impact of modern communication technologies and social networks in sexuality; pregnancy in the adolescence; the assistance to transgender people, those with special needs, senior citizens and people living with AIDs.

Regional Expert Extols Cuba’s Progress on Sexual Education

The vice president of the Latin American Federation of Sexology and Sexual Education Societies, Elizabeth Gutierrez Florez said Cuba has done good progress on the matter and that the work of health authorities’ efforts to educate the people are wonderful.

The Colombian specialist, who is attending the 6th Cuban Congress on Sexual Education, Orientation and Therapy, told the media she has taken part in similar events in Cuba in which she has noticed the advances made by the island in this science.

Gutierrez Flores insisted on the importance of educating the people noting that sexual illiteracy existing worldwide is the main cause leading to sexual dysfunctions.

The specialist announced that Colombia will be the venue for the 16th Latin American Congress on Sexology and Sexual Education in 2012. She said the event will tackle problems related to violence, abuse and sexual harassment and aggressions in the different countries of the region.

On Tuesday, the scientific program of the meeting underway in Havana includes a master lecture about key factors for AIDS prevention, and a round table on local strategies to warn the people over the disease.

The Cuban Congress is organized by the National Center of Sexual Education and the Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for Sexuality Studies.

  1. Keep going with this good work, Cuba! Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Planned Parenthood is suffering large-scale nationwide cutbacks.

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