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Dialogue or what isnt mentioned dosen´t exist…

In CENESEX, Cuba, Education, LGBT on February 2, 2012 at 12:55 pm


By Alberto Roque Guerra

I was reading on the digital web site Cubadebate an article by Arleen Rodriguez Derivet “El espíritu del Partido frente a la realidad nueva” and this caught my attention:

As some might suspect, when it comes to the commissions, I chose the ideological one to follow during the event. I could no longer distance myself from the debates till the very end. It is because of this that I would like to go over some of the more intense moments. The first when guest speaker Mariela Castro suggested that the word “dialogue” be included in an explicit manner, where it had till then be deemed implicit (…). Had I been a delegate I would have voted in favor of including the polemic word, essence from where one must look on to the political communications of these times. Only thing is, as Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler would say, “there are words that say it all and there are no words to say it all…but words are not the determinant, actions are.”

Magnificent piece. Regarding Mariela’s proposal, I see nothing polemic about the word dialogue but what does worry me is that someone as brilliant as Eusebio Leal might think that way, when no other like him has given such use to words in their just context and with a clarity that has no bounds. No one has had to confront dogmas like Eusebio has, silences and omissions in order to build the great body of work that without a doubt, have given him passage through the Gateway of the history of this nation.

Dialogue is necessary, it invites unity, consensus, participation, and cleansing; it adds, never subtracts, it is necessary in order to evolve and to continue giving impulse to this Revolution. I agree with everything said by Eusebio in regards to action and the implementation of ideas, yet, our feminist colleagues have said something brilliant: “what is never mentioned, doesn’t exist.”

Paulo Freire, the great pedagogue and defender of the oppressed described and practiced the principle that he termed ¨diologuery¨. To it he gave a transcendental value inside popular education in order to over throw the relations between human beings based on inequality. Within our context, we too have to establish dialogue with the burocrat, with the dogmatist, which are the worst form of counter revolutionaries preventing this country from being a better place. We will have to establish dialogue among Cubans regarding gender relations, racial issues, education, culture, inequality, access to culture and citizen participation.

Once again, bravo Mariela!

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