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Happy Valentine´s Day!

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Photo credit: Reuters.

By Margarita Alarcón Perea

You could  see Scarabeo 9 from my window the other night. From a distance it looks like a huge Christmas tree with yellow and white lights in the distance. That’s with binoculars. Without them, it looks like a huge shinny “thing” in the dark of night out there in the water.

Like nearly most unfeasible goals, there has to be a clear day or night for one to see it.

But oil is no longer an unfeasible goal.

I first saw the platform one clear starry moonless night out west of the city when it arrived on national waters and was stationed off the Marina Hemingway in Havana. On that night, resting beneath a blanket of incredible stars was the beginning of what could well be deemed Cuba’s Future.  Scarabeo 9, surrounded by red and green lights flickering intermittently signaling to sailors which way is left and which right in the vast open sea.

I saw it then for the first time and my heart skipped a beat. As I have mentioned before, oil is not by any account my favorite energy source, far from it. I would so very much prefer, the use of natural resources be left alone and for technology and governments to concentrate on renewable and less contaminating sources to enable us to have the electrical power we all need to survive in the modern world. This is what I want for my son and for future generations.

The other night as I looked through my Russian binoculars I realized I was giddy. Not Jed Clampet giddy, but more the kind of silly happiness you have when you know deep in your heart that something good is going to come of this. When, and I use the term insistently, WHEN Cuba strikes oil we will have a better more comfortable future. No more will this island have to depend on others for its subsistence, we will be able to finance our own roads towards sustainable and renewable energy sources and our children will have more to look forward to than what my generation and those before me had. Havana will be dancing the oil fever conga and we will for once in our history actually be able to sit down at the negotiating table with more on our plate than just the manpower and profound intellect that this country has to offer today.

We so need to work together to enable Cuba to find the oil it needs and at the same time preserve the natural environment that surrounds the island. And there is only one way to do that.

So today, on Valentine’s Day, I want to wish everyone, a very happy day. A day of love for all those who truly believe a better world is possible, for all of those whose heart also lights up for the future when they see shinning bright lights on the ocean’s surface. For all those who also believe this could be the beginning of the end of hatred and animosity, and the opening of new doors of understanding, respect, sovereignty and love, no more hate, just simple unabated love.

  1. como dicen aca; “It would be a game changer”
    Por tal razon hay que protejer la plataforma
    a todo costo.

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