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Family’s Right to Travel

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     …cruel and unjust punishment if ever there was any…





June 4, 2012

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Rivera amendment would only help break Cuban family ties

MIAMI- Almost 50 percent of family members who travel toCubaareU.S.residents who have yet to attain citizenship, according to figures released by executives of the travel toCubaindustry inMiami. As a result,the Cuban American Commission for Family Right (CACFR) has issued a warning that a new proposed amendment to the Cuban Adjustment Act, presented by U.S. Rep. David Rivera, would assure that these family ties are severely broken.

“In 2009, President Obama rightfully made family unity and the right of family members to travel a priority of hisCubapolicy,” said Alvaro F. Fernandez, CACFR president. Adding, “Rivera’s amendment would undo the president’s mandate, simply for electoral reasons.”

Rivera’s H.R. 2831 would amend Public Law 89-732 (Cuban Adjustment Act) and disallow Cubans who are not yetU.S.citizens to travel toCuba. It plainly states: “An alien shall be ineligible for adjustment of status under this section if the alien returns toCubaafter admission or parole into theUnited States.”

Translation: If you travel to Cuba, for whatever the reason before becoming a U.S. citizen, when you return you will be present in the country illegally.

Howard Simon, executive director of theFloridachapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, warned in an El Nuevo Herald article, “Many persons might be deported unjustly” if the Rivera amendment is approved. In the same article, he emphatically stated: “This is nothing more than a cruelty in the name of ideological isolation ofCubaand an unnecessary restriction on the freedom to travel.”

Silvia Wilhelm, CACFR executive director, said, “We will fight this cruelty proposed by Rivera. South Floridians and persons from around theU.S.are tired of Rivera’s anti-family, electoral antics.”

There are nearly two million Cubans in theUnited States. Most reside inFlorida. Industry figures indicate that almost 400,000 travelled last year toCuba– the great majority to visit and help family members on the island.

The Cuban American Commission for Family Rights was created in 2004 to fight all attacks against the Cuban family. Since then the Commission has been critical of negative actions imposed by both theU.S.government and the Cuban government.




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