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“The US should be ashamed of itself each time it includes Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism”

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From Miradas Encontradas

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Each time the United States requests a collaborative effort in the war on terror, the inclusion of Cuba on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism is an embarrassment, affirmed the Cuban American scholar Arturo López-Levy.

During a recent interview to Prensa Latina, professor López-Levy stated that this maneuver of the State Department is obvious proof that US policy towards Havana is a cemetery of ethics and rational strategy.

He underscores that to include Cuba once again on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism constitutes another political ploy, manipulated by a unruly minority within the Cuban American community in the United States.

The Josef Korbel School doctoral candidate of the University of  Denver, Colorado, affirms that the topic is particularly harmful to the bilateral relations between both nations.

“Based on this manipulation,  unthinkable judgment has been passed, including the doctrine of the State as one and it assumes that Cuba has only limited immunity which is a violation of international law and Cuban sovereignty”, he added.

In López-Levy´s opinion, to qualify Cuba as a promoter of terrorism presents the island nation as a threat to the United States, favoring a climate of tension in which unexpected incidents at the hands of provocateurs, could generate a security risk.

Edmundo García, journalist and radio  host for the program La Tarde se Mueve aired daily in Miami, considers Washington’s actions as an act of hypocrisy.

“It´s a fallacy against Cuba that they don’t even believe, and it shows arrogance and a lack of scruples on the part of the United States”, emphasized Garcia.

The government of the United States unilaterally decided to include the island on its list of State Sponsors of Terrorism and this is a direct act to justify the hostility of the White House against Havana.

With this act, the US justifies the economic, commercial and financial embargo it has against Cuba for over half a century.

For over half a century, Cuba has been a victim of acts of state sponsored terrorism glorified by Washington and employed as a political weapon that has cost the lives of  3 478  Cubans living on the island and has left another  2 099  incapacitated .

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