Maggie Alarcón

The Age of Aquarius

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Margarita Alarcón Perea

Growing up in the US during one of the most radical times in the history of that great nation was a privilege that I nurture every day.

Being too young to actually partake in any of the political activities and given my circumstance as a diplomat I had to consign myself to listening and watching. It’s only been in the last 15 years or so that I have been able to feed from the many conversations I witnessed as a child not knowing that I was a spectator to a part of history that would accompany me forever.

Hearing about the Viet Nam war and President Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is not the same as actually being able to form an educated opinion on the topic, but it did somehow instill in me a feeling of “adulthood” as I was growing into adolescence.

I call us, “the children of” the Age of Aquarius generation. We weren’t blessed to be players in that radical era, but its vivacious character inevitably imbedded, much like mother’s milk, a sense of belonging that it has become an essential characteristic of my generation´s response and reaction to life.

I believe that it is due to this that my generation is one that now feels the need to stand up for a better world on all levels. We are the inheritors of those who started a struggle that continues today.

Last month, a person from North Carolina began an online campaign to present President Obama with a petition to normalize relations with Cuba. The White House has put it on its web site. It asks the US government to open dialogue with Cuba for the release of Alan Gross.

Your signature is needed before December 30th.

The Petition reads:

We Petition the Obama Administration to: Open an honest dialogue with the Cuban government to secure the release of American operative Alan Gross. Include potential prisoner exchanges, admissions of wrongdoing, drop of the embargo as incentives to bring this man home. His employer owes it to him.

It relates to the children of the Age of Aquarius because we are all victims of the wrong doing between Cuba and the United States over the past half century.

It is not only in our best interest, it is our responsibility to take action and show our love through our struggle, for a better more just world.

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