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Todos somos ecuatorianos

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Especial para POR ESTO!

Por Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada

“Todo se puede comprar menos el corazón” proclamó en Guayaquil el candidato Lenin Moreno al cierre de su campaña que culminará el 2 de abril con el balotaje para decidir quién será el próximo Presidente del Ecuador. Ya el ex Vicepresidente había derrotado a todos los demás en las elecciones de febrero en las que logró una votación aplastante y estuvo a unos pocos votos de obtener la mayoría requerida -40%- para evitar una segunda vuelta.

Entonces algunos voceros de la oligarquía amenazaron con “incendiar Quito” si era proclamado vencedor quien superó en un millón de votos al banquero Guillermo Lasso, personaje éste de ingrata memoria, ex Ministro directamente vinculado al desastre que en 1999, entre otras cosas, eliminó el sucre como moneda propia forzando la adopción del dólar como signo monetario local y condujo a la fuga en masa de unos dos millones y medio de ecuatorianos lanzados súbitamente a la pobreza.

El próximo domingo los ecuatorianos deberán decidir si regresan a aquella etapa dolorosa o continúan avanzando por el camino de la Revolución Ciudadana iniciado por el Presidente Rafael Correa hace diez años con un saldo muy importante en cuanto a una más justa redistribución del ingreso nacional, que sacó de la miseria a dos millones de personas y muestra progresos notables en materia de educación y salud pública, una admirable obra en caminos, transporte y comunicaciones y sobre todo, el rescate de la soberanía nacional y un Gobierno limpio y dedicado al beneficio de las mayorías. Nadie hizo tanto en tan poco tiempo por la justicia en uno de los países más desiguales de la Tierra y debió hacerlo en condiciones muy difíciles como consecuencia de la caída de los precios del petróleo, un terremoto descomunal y otras calamidades naturales.

Una feroz y multimillonaria campaña mediática se empeña en confundir al pueblo, promover la amnesia colectiva y arrastrarlo a votar contra sí mismo. Toca a los ecuatorianos decidir.

Pero lo que está en juego va más allá del pequeño y hermoso país. El próximo domingo Ecuador estará, literalmente, en el centro del mundo. Allá se decidirá también el futuro de una América Latina emancipada frente a un Imperio que busca restaurar su maltrecha hegemonía.

Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum Against UK, Swedish Pressure

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By Tom Hayden


Originally published in Peace Exchange Bulletin



The British has made a “huge mistake” in threatening yesterday to extract Julian Assange from Ecuador’s London consulate after the Latin American country granted political asylum to the WikiLeaks founder yesterday, according to an international human rights lawyer. “They over-stepped, looked like bullies, and made it into a big-power versus small-power conflict,” said New York-based Michael Ratner in an interview with The Nation.

The diplomatic standoff will have to be settled through negotiations or by the International Court of Justice at the Hague, Ratner said. “In my memory, no state has ever invaded another country’s embassy to seize someone who has been granted asylum,” Ratner added. There would be no logic in returning an individual to the very power seeking to charge him with offenses, he indicated.

Since Assange entered the Ecuadoran embassy seven weeks ago, Ecuadoran diplomats have worked to avoid an escalation by private talks with the British and Swedes seeking an assurance that Assange will be protected from extradition to the United States where he could face charges under the US Espionage Act. Such guarantees were refused, according to Ecuador’s foreign minister, Ricardo Patino, who said in Quito that the British made an “explicit threat” to “assault our embassy” to take Assange. “We are not a British colony,” Patino added.

The US has been silent on whether it plans to indict Assange and ultimately seek his extradition. But important lawmakers, like Sen. Diane Feinstein, a chair of the joint intelligence committee, have called for Assange’s indictment in recent weeks. But faced with strong objections from civil liberties and human rights advocates, the White House may prefer to avoid direct confrontation, leaving Assange entangled in disputes with the UK and Sweden over embarrassing charges of sexual misconduct in Sweden.

Any policy of isolating Assange may have failed now, as the conflict becomes one of Ecuador – and a newly-independent Latin America – against the US and UK. Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa represents the wave of new nationalist leaders on the continent who have challenged the traditional US dominance over trade, security and regional decision-making. Correa joined the Venezuelan-inspired Bolivian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) in June 2009, and closed the US military base in Ecuador in September 2009. He survived a coup attempt in 2010.

For more details, please see previous coverage of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange here.

Defending the defensible

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For Gerardo, René, Antonio, Fernando and Ramón, thank you.


Margarita Alarcón Perea


I have written about the Cuban Five  and have posted even more on this blog site about the subject. Five men unjustly imprisoned in the United States, serving long Machiavellian sentences for a crime they did not commit. It’s a long story that most have not heard about and should really learn more on.

Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution back in January of 1959, Cuba had to establish one of the best Intelligence networks the world has ever known. Often times compared to Israel’s Mossad, not because of its record for killing but yes for its record as an  intelligence service. The island was struck with numerous blows both on a military scale (Bay of Pigs Invasion, Missile Crisis, explosion of the Cargo Ship La Coubre), as it was a victim of terrorist attacks on civilian targets (Fire at the El Encanto department store, fire at the “Amadeo Roldán” TheaterCubana Flight 422) or multiple terrorist biological attacks on crops and livestock and of course direct terrorist attacks on individuals throughout the more than half a century of tension between the island and its closest neighbor to the north.

All of these attacks have been proven to come from the Cuban American community living in the South of Florida and working directly under the noses of the CIA, the FBI and the White House. This is not news to anyone who has been alive and paying attention for the past fifty years.

For a good part of those years, the excuse was that Cuba was a satellite nation of the Soviet Union and since the Cold War was on, Cuba was considered a nation to be exporting revolution and  it was an accepted fact that it  was the enemy and that the island and its people were a valid target. After the demise of the USSR and the socialist block in Eastern Europe it would have been logical to expect a change in these policies and I like to think that on many levels in the CIA, the FBI and the White House this is the case but unfortunately these same institutions created a Frankenstein that is now a rogue killer and completely out of control.

One of the “revolution” exports was Nicaragua and then Angola and Namibia and South Africa. Nicaragua was “taken care” of by the Reagan Administration and Angola, Namibia and South Africa were, well, let’s just say, that former President Nelson Mandela has publicly acknowledged the role of Fidel Castro and his people in not only freeing him but also in putting an end to that gruesome system known as apartheid in that region of the world.

Yet the Cuban Five are a term we who love Cuba and its sovereignty use over and over again. What is it? Well, it’s not an “it” per se. It’s the term used to refer to five men who infiltrated Cuban American terrorist networks to try to put an end to terrorist activities against the island years after the fall of the Berlin wall, years after the end of the Cold War and years after so called “democracies” were taking over much of the hemisphere. Because you see, it wasn’t the Cold War or the “exporting” of Revolution or even the fact that Cuba is the only island to stand in the face of imperialism and win.

The  Cuban Five are men who were standing up for things that the Cuban Revolution stands for and that are now becoming  a reality the world over. These men were protecting not only their homeland, they were protecting what their homeland stands for in the rest of the world.

Cuba today, is guilty of one thing only. It is guilty of having been in Haiti with 400 doctors collaborating with the country when the earthquake hit in 2010. It is guilty of having sent another 5000 to Pakistan shortly after another such natural disaster struck the mountains in that eastern nation. It is also guilty of having guaranteed that some 6.5 million citizens in 28 nations are no longer illiterate persons thanks to the Cuban Literacy Program known as “Yes, I Can.” A figure that surpasses all statistics reported by other similar programs implemented thus far around the world. Here is the humdinger: the cost of the course depends on the conception of how to apply the program. Depending on the application of the program and the teaching means, including a TV set and a DVD player, teaching a person how to read and write does not cost more than five dollars.

And that is one of the main things the Cuban Five were defending, Cuba’s right to “export” literacy at a cost of FIVE dollars a pupil.

How can anybody condemn anyone for defending something like that?

La Jornada Supports Asylum for Assange

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Press in front of the Embassy of Ecuador in the UK



By Tom Hayden

MEXICO CITY – The leading Mexican paper La Jornada is strongly supporting asylum for Julian Assange in Ecuador, in a sign of Latin American sentiment against his extradition to Sweden or the United States. The conflict is portrayed as one between the Old World and new democratic norms embraced by much of the world. “Ecuador will require the solidarity of honorable governments and societies like ours, which benefitted from the work of Assange and his team, and have obtained by way of their “leaks,” an invaluable tool for public scrutiny and social control of the authorities and world powers” a June 20 editorial declared.

Whatever response the Rafael Correa government gives Assange, the existence of a political refugee in contemporary Europe, the legal fury being directed against him by the authorities of two Old World countries, England and Sweden, and the silence of the Western powers in regard to this situation, demonstrates the hypocrisy and moral and political bankruptcy of governments that repeatedly claim to be champions of freedom, transparency, legality and respect for human rights”, the editorial went on.

“In this connection, it is worth mentioning that yesterday, while Assange was seeking political asylum at the Ecuador Embassy to avoid being extradited to Swedish territory, representatives of these powers attended the G-20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, where there was confirmation of their inability to come up with proposals for resolving the social and economic devastation that confronts their populations, particularly in European countries.”

Urge President Correa to Grant Asylum to Julian Assange

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There has been a petition out for over three hours requesting that President Rafael Correa of Ecuador grant Julian Assange politcal assylum.

Please log on and sign. President Correa should have as much support from around the world as possible and so should Julian Assange.

Vote to Grant Asylum

Hay una solicitud de apoyo al Presidente Rafael Correa del Ecuador para que le de asilo politico a Julian Assange.

Por favor entren en el sitio y voten. Hay que darle el mayor apoyo al Presidente Correa desde todas partes del mundo y tambien a Julian Assange.

Para votar pinche aqui Vote to Grant Asylum