Maggie Alarcón


The idea behind Ajiacomix is to –hopefully- create a site where a broad band of thoughts and information and opinions on issues pertaining to Cuba, the US, and life in general may be read.

I hope to not only publish news items that I feel need to be out there in the www but also to continue publishing the things I write and especially those that never get published anywhere else.

An ajiaco is a stew made up of a variety of foods at any given moment, it is sometimes spicy as it can be sweet, hot as it can also be cool, that is the Blog I hope to bring to readers.

Lastly, I also encourage friends to send me their thoughts and I will gladly post them on this site.



  1. Glad to read your views and have subscribed. Miss all my friends in Cuba. I am now retired and dedicated to music (guitar, tres, Puerto Rican cuatro, studying piano) and painting. I miss my friend Saul Landau and I will always cherish the memories of all of the wonderful people at Casa de las Americas. Saludos a tu papa y un abrazo,

    Jose M. Vadi

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